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Kevin Kemp Design
Kevin Kemp Design

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    I was always the student in class that managed to get into trouble for drawing in his notebook.  Who would have thought that one day it would lead to a career. 


    I currently work as a Graphic Designer for Duff Signs, a Sign company in Maryland, with over 70 years of service in the DMV area.  I have worked my way up from just a rookie with no knowledge of state of the art graphics equipment, including the sign industry, to the manager of there graphics department in just two short years.  Apart from my full time job, I still manage to find time to run my Freelance Agency to help business owners and individuals with there design challenges.  And let us not forget, making the time to create various designs and illustrations to post on various design websites for others to purchase and use for there own personal design project.


    When I am not creating something within the design world, I am painting, writing graffiti with acrylic markers, spray paint and drawing abstract illustrations. I am truly inspired by the world of street art and I tend to be inspired by specific street artists and mainstream extreme sports illustrators.  As you may have guessed, I am big into skateboarding, snowboarding, swimming in the ocean, riding my mountain bike and all of the above. But overall I love being surrounded by interesting, unique people and working with others who share the same creative charisma as myself driven to create the next best thing.

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